Smart Solar Powered Pest Repeller

Smart Solar Powered Pest Repeller


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This smart solar-powered mole repeller is one of the best sonic mole repellers in the market, it can chase away moles, gophers, and other destructive burrowing animals.

Using the sun – the strongest and least expensive power source available – the effective, eco-friendly solar Solar ultrasonic mole repeller emits powerful vibration and sound pulses that drive away burrowing animals without a scratch.

This humane, poison-free mole and gopher repeller is safe to use around children and pets, so you can kick back and enjoy some peace of mind, not to mention a destructive-free yard.

What’s the difference between ours and others? 



How does it work? 

The traditional sonic mole repeller will emit the sonic pulses at a regular time, such as 25 seconds, 30 seconds. in this working mode, the mole is very easy to get used to the regular sonic after some time.

Not like the old repeller, our smart solar-powered mole repeller will emit 4 different sonic pulses circularly at different time, in this working mode, the mole is difficult to get used to the sonic. So, it will have a better result in repelling the mole.

best sonic mole repeller

IP67 Waterproof

What does this mean?

It means that our repeller is not only free to use in the outdoor rainy days but also can be used in the water, so you don’t need to worry about the flood coming in the summer.

This is the highest waterproof solar mole repeller in the market. If you are interested in checking the IP67 waterproof test report, just send us a message.

best sonic mole repeller

Super long working time ( Without sunlight) 

There is a built-in rechargeable battery, capacity 1200mAh. One full charge, it can keep the device working 25 days without the sunlight.

best sonic mole repeller


Product Name Smart Solar Mole Spike
Model AR06
Power Supply Solar
Material ABS+PC
Solar Panel 2.5V*2, 50mA/ Polysilicon 43*34mm
Working Voltage/Current 3.7V/18mA
Battery 3.7V, 1200mAh, 18650 Lithium Battery
Waterproof Grade IP67
Working Mode 4 different sonic pulses emitted at different time
Power Reserve One solar will last to 25days after full charged
DB Value 30dB
Ultrasonic Frequency 400±50 Hz
Coverage Area Up to 7,000sq.ft
N.Weight 212.5g
Dimensions 25,920pcs
QTY Per 20' FCL 10.9*4.49*29.2CM (L*W*H)


1. Before installation, please charge the product under the sunlight for 12-24 hours.

2. Assemble the product as the following picture.

3. Use a wooden stake or steel rod to make a pilot hole prior to insert the product into the ground. Do not use a hammer or excessive force as doing so may cause damage

4. Insert the spike until the bottom of the spike head begins touching the ground to prevent the chance of hitting it with a lawnmower or tripping on it.

5. To activate, slide switch to “ON”.

6. Remove the product when flooding may occur or before ground freezes.

7. Suggested installation distance: Approximately 82 ft. apart between 2 units

installation of mole repeller  installation of mole repeller